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Bad Hair Life

Something is missing.

come indoors?
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2046, 4 am, afternoon drinking, amiga, apathy, arthur c. clarke, bad hair, balconies, ball point pens, band t-shirts, battle royale, being read to, blue skies, bracelets, braiseworth, broadband, builders arms hsk, cheese, chinese food, chuck taylors, circa footwear, civilization 2, cky, clipper lighters, converse all stars, counterstirke, damaged clothes, death cab for cutie, deviantart, doom, douglas coupland, drapers arms, drinking games, driving at night, dualshock, edgeware road, final fantasy 7, first world war literature, freshers, gamesmaster, golden virginia, greyhound hsk, high street kensington, hoodies, house parties, hsk, hunter s. thompson, hyde park, inside jokes, interpol, james pond, kensington, kensington gardens, kensington roof gardens, kids, laziness, leffe, letters, lip balm, live albums, live music, london, long lists, long phone calls, long telephone conversations, lucky strike, making out, megadrive, memories, mile end, mile end road, noodles, old computer games, old movies, old science fiction, old zombie movies, open univeristy, pancakes, park football, pay day, pes, playstation 2, pogs, pro evolution soccer, procrastinating, psp, qmul, qmw, queen mary, queen mary university, reading festival, reading on trains, reminiscing, requiem for a dream, retro mobiles, ripped denim, robert heinlein, roll ups, shag bands, shisha, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smell smell, smoking, smoking games, smoking in bed, smoking in en-suite bathrooms, smoking to avoid work, smoking under stars, south bank, staying up late, streets of rage 2, studded belts, student life, suffolk, summer laziness, takeshi's castle, tea, the art of rolling, the great gatsby, the hayfield, the new globe, the pixies, the su bar, they iz nerdz, trafalgar square, waking up late, wasd, westminster tutors, wikipedia, wmt, wolfenstien, writing, zetland arms, zombies ate my neighbours